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Welcome to the blog! As a New York Wedding photographer and Brooklyn family photographer, I do my very best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to provide as much value to you as I can. Browse around, have a look, and let me know your questions!

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You want a wedding beyond the traditional and expected. You want gorgeous views and the beauty of nature. You want a ceremony and a backdrop that’s as adventurous as you are. There are so many ways to infuse your wedding day with adventure, from hiking mountain trails to trekking across creeks—even skiing! I’ve put together […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

7 Tips for Adding Adventure to Your Wedding Day


You may think, once you’ve hired a wedding photographer, there isn’t much else to do except wait for your photos to come in. But there’s so much information about your venue and your wedding in general that can be a huge help to your photographer in getting the images you want. Check out these seven […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

7 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know To Help Them

The groom seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle is a time-honored wedding tradition. But these days, more and more brides are doing first looks —an intimate moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony captured by their photographer. There are a lot of reasons to do a […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

7 Reasons More Brides Are Doing First Looks


Outdoor weddings are beautiful, especially if you have a scenic natural background, but they can also be challenging to plan, especially if the weather in your venue location is unpredictable. Whether it’s sweltering heat in the summer months or an unexpected thunderstorm, it’s important to be well prepared for every possibility if you plan to […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

6 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to weddings, tradition and sentiment are incredibly important. While you may want to celebrate your Indian heritage with a traditional Indian ceremony, your partner may not be Indian and have their own ideas about what they want from their wedding day. Elegantly combining and blending the two ceremonies is a beautiful way […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

6 Tips for Planning a Blended Indian & Western Wedding


Wedding planning can be stressful, and a traditional Indian wedding involves even more planning than a Western one. With multiple rituals and events to plan and family members involved, organizing and planning your wedding can quickly become stressful. That’s why we put together these 5 tips for Planning an Indian Wedding to help you stay […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

5 Tips for Planning an Indian Wedding

Are you dreaming of stunning wedding photos you can hang on the walls of your home, the kind of images you can show off to family and friends? Who doesn’t want Epic Wedding Photos! Well, it takes more than an awesome photographer to get those kinds of photos—it takes you and your partner working with […]


5 Tips for Getting Epic Wedding Photos


We are here to help you out with the 9 things you need to do first to start planning your wedding.   1. START YOUR GUEST LIST This is a tough one because yes, of course you want to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Well consider this your warning: the more people you […]


9 Steps To Start Planning Your Wedding

We know it’s a challenging time for so many couples right now. Many have been impacted and countless weddings have been postponed.  Actions are the antidote to fear, and there ARE things you can do right now to not feel powerless and out of control.    You are not alone! We are here with a […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

10 Tips for Planning a Wedding during COVID-19

Questions to ask your Venue
Questions for your Venue

You’ve probably already seen our popular list of 50 Questions You Can Ask Your Wedding Venue, but we are now living ind different times…and we’ve got a few more questions that need answering right about now! Here is a supplemental list of 40 more questions you may need to ask your venue when it comes […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue during COVID-19

If you had to postpone or cancel your wedding due to COVID-19, but still want to commemorate your original date, we’ve got you! Here are 8 ideas to honor the original wedding day. Silver lining: Now you can potentially have 2 anniversaries each year!   Break out the Old Photos If there were ever a […]


8 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Celebrate your original wedding date

This is a guest post from our friend Rebecca from Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design on how to choose your florist. Booking a florist can be easy if you know what to look out for.   My name is Rebecca Shepherd and I have been arranging and providing flowers for retail and events for 10 years. […]

Wedding Tips and Advice

4 Tips For Booking a Florist


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