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Types of portrait sessions we offer



Photographing kids is one of our favorites where we get to capture all facets of your child. From soulful and silly to crazy and a little "naughty," these sessions are sure to warm your heart and truly capture the soul of your child right NOW.

Combining both black and white portraiture for the softer side of your sweetheart, and color imagery to capture the crazy fun part, these sessions are perfect for kids ages 3-10.

Album products perfectly match this session's spirit, it's the ideal way to remember all the "little kid" things that make your child unique.


Your baby will only be little for so long and a newborn session is the perfect way to remember that. Every day they grow and change and having photos will help you relive those moments forever.

My style is very simple with minimal props and setups that make baby the focus.
I love using warm, neutral tones and soft colors to produce a natural, beautiful look.

All sessions take place in my studio within 2 weeks after baby is born. I want you to feel comfortable and make yourself at home as soon as you arrive. I will style your session based on your color preferences and provide the highest quality accessories and props so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything but your family.


Whether you’d like beautiful timeless images of just mom, or you’d like to include dad and siblings we can make your session just what you envision. Fun and playful, or classic and sophisticated, our goal is to help you feel beautiful and capture images of you with a natural feel that capture this special fleeting time in your life.

Maternity session are booked with a newborn session and take place at 32-34 weeks gestation. Studio maternity sessions are fun and modern. We can achieve different looks with various backdrops and flattering lighting techniques. Roberto likes to keep backgrounds and lighting simple and beautiful to draw attention and focus just on mom and her belly. Your comfort is most important and this is our priority during your maternity session. We strive to not only capture beautiful moments for you and your partner, but also make the experience enjoyable and comfortable. 


Indoors or out, family sessions are fun! When everyone gets in front of the lens, it's magical. And it defines the reasons why you were put here on this earth with your beautiful children. Years from now, your kids will cherish these images BECAUSE you are in them.

Family sessions are relaxed and easy whether in studio or in an outdoor environment. From blowing bubbles, to playing tag, Roberto makes sure to capture the in-between moments too - the hugs, tickles, eskimo kisses, tosses in the air and the tender moments in between.


Babies! Our Bebe Collection Plan records the first year in beautiful detail, marking every wonderful milestone and the huge growth that takes place at this age.

The best ages for photographing babies are:
Six months: when they are sitting up on their own – lots of smiles and personality!
One year: best at 11-12 months when they are just standing up and starting to explore

Sessions take place in our studio where we use simple, clean backdrops to keep the focus on your little one and their budding personality. If you are planning to do more than one session during the year, your best option is to join our Bebe Collection Plan. Our members receive two sessions in the first year and a complimentary family session in year two.


Session fees do not include prints or digital files. See pricing below.

                                                                               Step one of Create Your Own Collection begins with picking something beautifully printed for your home, office or personal space. With the planning we do prior to the shoot, including discussions with you about your goals and desires, this decision is easy! Roberto will be photographing your art piece with the end result we've discussed in mind. Your art piece is created and designed according to the aesthetics of the space where it will be displayed. With decisions made prior to the shoot, you'll be excited about this step in the ordering process. From here, you'll finish 'Create A Collection' with step 2 below.

wall print + album =

choose printed art


tangible art


We offer one portrait collection to invest in products and digital files - create your own.
Here's how it works. Just follow the 2 steps and you've created a collection!

Purchase Product In 2 Steps

wall art: $420 

Choose Art Product (s)

wall grouping: $1200

albums: $995

Listed above are starting prices. All printed wall products are ready to display with framing and mounting included. Product prices increase based on size, finish, and design complexity.



All of our clients go home with digitals when investing in
Printed Art. 

Step 2 of Create Your Own Collection

unlimited personal

decide on digital files


usage rights

Invest in
TWO or more
Printed art itmes

digital files

receive all digital files

You will receive the digital files of printed art items you invest in.
* minimum order of 10 Gift Prints.

Buy TWO Printed Art Items and you also receive the digital files of the entire session. 

                                            The electronic negatives are included for Printed Art you invest in. This includes a minimum of 10 Gift Prints. They are fully enhanced and ready to print. It also includes unlimited personal usage rights to the files. This means you can print, share and display your images any way you like as long as it's personal use and not commercial in nature. Roberto Falck Photography retains copyright to all images as the original creator of the works. We do NOT sell or release full copyright to files. Receiving the files from your Printed Art give you the ultimate flexibility and control to print and share your images now and in the future.

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Kids are curious, energized and often more interested in doing what they want whenever they want. 

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