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Welcome to the blog! As a New York Wedding photographer and Brooklyn family photographer, I do my very best to provide as many articles and other pieces of information to provide as much value to you as I can. Browse around, have a look, and let me know your questions!

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Wedding Planners are amazing – when you hire the right one. That said, egos and attitudes can run rampant. Find a planner that has the experience that can do the job right


Wedding Planners in Brooklyn

Best Wedding Planners in Brooklyn

Wedding Planners are amazing – when you hire the right one. That said, egos and attitudes can run rampant. Find a planner that has the experience that can do the job right, and do it the way you want to do it, not how they want to do it. And don’t let a planner tell you that you can’t have a wedding for under a certain dollar number.

Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners in New York

The Luxury Event Experience Curators
A. MERISIER EVENT COORDINATION AND DESIGN is an established Luxury Wedding and Event Planning company. CEO and Creative Director, Ashley Merisier, has planned luxury events throughout the country for over 10 years under the guidance of the event planning industry’s greatest planners in the world. We truly take pride and pleasure in planning and executing Wedding Day dreams. Let Us Transform Your Event Dream Into An Unforgettable Reality!

New York Wedding Planners

A. Merisier Event Coordination and Design

Amanda loves meeting couples for consultations to learn more about their wedding planning needs and expectations. She offers Full Planning and Design, Month-Of Coordination, Destination and Event Planning. While her business is based out of NYC, she travels both locally and caters to destination weddings around the world. With a personal, professional approach, Amanda is here and ready to help you make your dream wedding or event a reality.

Wedding Planners

Amanda Novena Weddings

Planning a beautiful wedding is challenging. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience that also happens to be a beautiful wedding? Bring it on!

I founded The Union Studio with my wonderful clients’ sanity in mind. You deserve a wedding planning team that not only has a trained eye for beautiful design, but who also has the knowledge, skills and expertise to navigate the most demanding and complicated locations in NYC and the beautiful state of New York.

Together we will bring your inspiration to life with thoughtful design inspired by your love, wonderful vendors who are on your team, and details executed to perfection.

Wedding Planners

The Union Studio


Known for the seamless integration of planning, design and production, clients rely on Lindsay Landman Events for a uniquely comprehensive event production experience. Creative Director Lindsay Landman is the driving force behind every event and is supported by a talented team of creatives and logisticians, each with superior attention to detail and a passion for excellence. From weddings and parties to galas and fundraisers, Lindsay Landman Events is a masterful resource for every celebration.

Wedding Planners

Lindsay Landman Events

When we think about the experiences that make up our life stories, many revolve around an ‘event’. Maybe it was a transformational high school dance, a bonding family reunion, an inspiring conference, an epic wedding, or perhaps a life-changing fundraiser. Every memory created at one of these events adds up to the story of our lives. Some might say that puts a lot of pressure on those events to be really amazing.

We say, bring it on.

An event in and of itself is not the story. It’s the many tiny details and logistics and emotions that are carefully thought through and mapped out to create an experience that make an event memorable. The behind the scenes “magic” some might call it. These happen to be the very things that keep us, your Vision team, waking up excited every morning. These are the things we obsess over and geek out about.

Give us a logistical event challenge and our eyes light up. Really!

We started Vision out of a desire to bring others a taste of the joy we personally loved to experience. That desire became a mission — create joy and spread purpose, one event at a time.

We have spent the last 9 years shaping, evolving, fine-tuning, and exercising our event management skills to keep fueling that mission. It has become not only our company mission, but our personal missions as well. And those skills aren’t limited to how to create an event day timeline (although we are seriously good at that), they also cover understanding interpersonal relationships, contract management, entertainment, design, technology, wellness, and so much more. Because events are more than tables in a room and timing on a piece of paper. They are intricate puzzles made up of many pieces needing to find the perfect alignment for a beautiful final product.

Our team is a melting pot of highly energetic, motivated and empathetic event fanatics with varying professional and personal backgrounds. Each Visionary , as we call them, brings a distinct perspective and unique skill set to the table to complete the Vision Experience.

So, what is The Vision Experience? It’s personal, it’s strategic, it’s fun, it’s thoughtful…it’s the road trip you’ve always wanted to take with a final destination that gives you an incredible amount of excitement. Everyone’s road trip will look different and we are beyond excited to travel with you on the journey to your memorable event!

Wedding Planners

Vision Event Co


Because the best parties are “The Beautiful” ones
There’s something so special about helping a couple to start their life together with an unforgettable wedding. Our passion is to help you and your partner realize that dream. We work hard to provide exceptional service and dream weddings simply because we love what we do! As a mom and daughter team we know just how important your wedding day truly is. And that’s why we put 110% into each couple and each wedding so that your dream becomes a reality!

Wedding Planners

La Bella Planners

A Fashion Institute of Technology Alum, Sneh Diwan began her career in Fashion. Working in the industry for over 10 years, she held positions in Trend Forecasting, Styling, Design and Technical Design. Originally established as a fashion and travel blog in 2011, Sneh launched Diwan By Design in Jersey City, initially offering professional services in both styling and organizing.

In 2015, Sneh was given the opportunity to assist her mentor on a wedding at the iconic Brooklyn Botanic Garden and immediately discovered her passion for the planning process. After pursuing classes in floral design, and combining her creative background with her expertise in organizing and love for travel, Sneh has evolved Diwan By Design into a boutique creative agency offering event planning, destination event planning, day-of coordination, and styling services.

Wedding Planners

Diwan by Desing

People always want to know, how did you become a Wedding Planner? And lucky enough to live in the Hamptons?? Jill Gordon Celebrate was launched in 1995 when a friend was getting married at her father’s Georgica Pond property and asked for my professional help. After many years working in boutique catering, both in New York City and the Hamptons, Wedding Planning incorporated many of my talents and passions. To be able to create beauty, collaborate with the most talented designers, live in a world of flowers and stationery, gorgeous tabletop and beautiful meals – this was my absolute dream.

After growing up on the Upper West Side and graduating from University of Pennsylvania, I returned directly to NYC and began my career catering events for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace and Vogue. East Hampton had been a second home since early childhood, so I was curious when an opportunity arose to move here year-round and spearhead the catering department at the new Red Horse Market. I felt connected to the area – the beaches and farms, lovely towns, good friends and family – but wondered who I would hang out with when February rolled around. That was 1993; I’m still here and feel lucky every day.

Here’s what I love most about wedding planning: the opportunity to fully support my clients, to listen deeply to their vision and inspiration, help them realize their most personal wedding goals and navigate through any challenges that arise. It is the source of my deepest satisfaction. The job incorporates many of the same skills as my past catering life, but the working relationships are deeper, developing over several months and often involving the couple, their families and all the dynamics born out of engagements. This feels meaningful.

I’ve developed a strong viewpoint about the importance of hospitality, taking good care of our couples and their guests. Entertaining is about people – about sharing love, fun, sentiment, appreciation and a moment of grace. I’m so lucky to have an incredible team who embody that spirit as well. It’s our driving mission at Jill Gordon Celebrate.

At the end of the day, my job is to provide an incredible experience for our clients: alleviating their stress, maximizing their joy and creating lasting memories at milestone life celebrations. I take that seriously and love every minute.

When I need a break from all that seriousness, you’ll find me fueling inspiration by entertaining friends and family at home, cooking a fabulous meal, setting a beautiful table, sharing a lot of laughs and good conversation. Travel is my jam; I’ve literally been around the world, soaking in culture and landscape and food and art, snapping photos of it all along the way. Perfection is a day at the beach with a high-brow novel or a night on the couch with some low-brow TV. I still miss some of what’s left behind in NYC – mostly ethnic food, movie houses and walking city streets (and Barney’s, don’t we all miss Barney’s?) – but life at the beach is pretty damn dreamy.

Wedding Planners

Jill Gordon Celebrate


Sofia Crokos believes that every moment in life is worth enjoying and celebrating. A luminary in her field, she is more than an event planner: Sofia is a connector, a collaborator, and a creator who continues to push the envelope, effortlessly translating ideas into immersive and truly breathtaking realities. She is inspired by the potential in the unknown and approaches life with curiosity, spirit, and purpose. Sofia is lauded by her clients and network of industry peers alike for her ability to anticipate every need, build deep and personal connections, and elevate the simplest wish into an unforgettable moment.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York in an ebullient Greek family with an appetite for laughter, Sofia’s affection for savoring the good times in life was cultivated at an early age. After a career in fashion, where she honed her visual skills and polished sense of style, Sofia took these principles and now applies them to her art.

A cosmopolitan soul who believes that the best way to immerse yourself in culture is to wander the streets Sofia is continually inspired by the glamour, and drive her hometown of New York City has to offer. She splits her time between the City and the Hamptons, filling her days with impromptu dinners with friends and family at her new Greek restaurant Elaia Estiatorio.

When not at home, she satisfies her insatiable appetite for exploration, traveling the world in search of new restaurants and long beach walks to provide her next great source of inspiration. Based on her passions for all things beautiful and delicious, Sofia continues to curate and brainstorm her yet to be published book.

An educator at heart, Sofia Crokos is offering venue consulting for event venues, hospitality brands, property owners and residential buildings who are seeking the guidance of an experienced event production and design professional with an intimate knowledge of the restaurant and luxury events industry. More broadly, Sofia is eager to pursue strategic partnerships with hospitality and lifestyle brands that identify with the virtues celebrating and living well.

For Sofia, life is best lived as an active participant, and she thrives when immersing herself in every delightful moment.

Wedding Planners

Sofia Crokos Events


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